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Regionally Honored

April 20, 2011

The more time i spend online the more i run into small (and big) initiatives that remain obscure to the public (will be discussing other fun findings in a later post).. one of those is:

Takreem – Arab Achievement Awards

Takreem Trophy - image courtesy of Takreem

For the 2nd year around Takreem’s“Mission – Arab achievers have excelled, as individuals
or organization in almost every country in the world. TAKREEM aspires to honor these achievers, acting as a platform for these outstanding men and women with success stories to tell. Our mission is to recognize key Arab achievers by celebrating their milestones and through them portraying how well established, strongly rooted, and united the Arab world is.”  
(finally some regional recognition!!)

The Ceremony takes place Saturday, April 30th and will be broadcasted on regional TV Channels, such as Future TV, which is also a Media Partner, and other channels (keep an eye out!)

According to Takreem: “we believe all Arabs are achievers and hence we do not want any person nominated to loose, they are all winners in our eyes”, so no nominees and no losers, and how can you lose in the world of achieving pioneers
.. alot of hints have been going on though on their facebook page .. Is Shankaboot (Lebanese Web Drama, which won an Emmy award last week! YAY) getting a Takreem award? Or as MichCafe suggested : Wael Ghonim and Fadi Ghandour? will we be seeing some of  The 100 Most Powerful Arab Women on the stage?
There’s no doubt that there are many Achievers in our communities that deserve recognition, not only in this ceremony but everyday.. hopefully this will be a great start for a beginning of appreciation, just in time for an awakening nation ..

Who do u nominate for an achievement award?


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