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April 15, 2011

Lebanon, officially the slowest Internet provider in the WORLD (a fact so miserable, it reminds me of the sound of a dail-up connection), is mother to alot of dying innovations, dying hopes and dying companies.
how many petitions have we signed in the past years demanding faster internet connection?


how many letters have been written and pushed, with no listening year or receiving peripheral, maybe because, those laptops that line up the conference tables in roundtable meetings are merely for show… really doubt any meeting can be internet dependent on this connection, or maybe that’s why nothing ever gets done!!

Internet is a right and not a luxury. Many in Lebanon still don’t know that, because they can’t afford it, nor have the patience for an #ontornet ! (who does!?)

My trips to Lebanon usually mean an internet detox period. I don’t bother going online for longer than checking my mail.. occasional tweeting.. and on a good internet day, a short post. browsing, sharing, updating software, uploading, downloading, pictures, youtube, etc.. are mere fantasy!

Flip the switch + Ontornet

Are wonderful efforts rallying to get more information about the deteriorating situation of internet in Lebanon… gathering information like: “Lebanon HAS the capacity to increase its Internet capacity by 100x with the flip of a switch.

In 2011, it is unacceptable that many school students don’t have mandatory internet access, it is unacceptable that a person’s mobile internet capacity expires in a single browsing, it is unacceptable to have internet so slow, that secure connections are revoked constantly, it is unacceptable that there’s no secure e-payment methods in a country, it is unacceptable that a download limit of 2GB is even acceptable! it is unacceptable to have to wait for our simple right of internet freedom, in a country that assumes freedom of speech.

Lack of internet is slowing down our economy (whatever remains of it) as it can neither keep up with the world, nor gather enough resources to rebuild itself.

#governmentornogovernement we demand better internet!
so, don’t fall for the excuse of no-government-to-pass-a-law excuse please.

I don’t want to #Ontornet, so please #FliptheSwitch!

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  1. April 17, 2011 5:42 pm

    Oh yea, tell me about it !

    I used to have USB broadband 21.1 Mbps speed, with unlimited usage for 79.5 USD per month back home. here in Lebanon I’m literally dieing with 128 or 256 ( I’m not sure ) connection that cost 35 USD !!

    I don’t know why communication in Lebanon internet and mobile is costing this much with such low quality.

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