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April 13, 2011

Ready. Aim. Inspire.

This Saturday 16 April, 2011
Ramallah, Palestine
If you can… otherwise, Live streaming in Beirut, Dubai & Amman (you can also get a GoNabIt Deal for that) or … Livestream! (.. more cities will be streaming the event for the full list check .. Satellive Events: technical details and city listing)
Registration extended to today, so if you haven’t registered, get to it!

Why TEDxRamallah?
In the true test of a human beings will to live, survive and develop, no better place to show this strength of will than in Palestine.. with no long term sustainability guaranteed, little legislative aid and no solid grounds for most essential things, the palestinian residents have thrived to show their worth and survival will..

What i’m looking forward to in TEDxRamallah is Inspiration, with as a contributor to the event, i can expect nothing less..

TEDxRamallah Palestinian Story 23 Taxi Driver

” Palestine Story 23 Taxi-Driver

“Helping others brings me happiness,” the 48-year-old woman battling polio and the injustices of being a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon exclaimed. Her physical disability has only made her stronger; an unstoppable motivator. Through her many accomplishments, she has proved to the world that disabilities are only in the mind. Through perseverance, faith, and her strong personality, she has overcome many battles. This brave woman continues to struggle and defy human ignorance
– The illustration came about as a result of her not wishing to share her identity in public – “

.. browse Palestine Stories (or follow them if your on tumblr) for more wonderful stories.
Event features 22 speakers & 4 performers (Beirut & Amman will feature extra speakers & performers respectively) – List of Speakers and Performers, include, @TravellerW (Mohamed El Dahshan, from egypt), Fadi Ghandour, founder of Aramex, DAM, rap band, Suad Amiry, and many others

See you there 🙂

[ sidenote: Interested in getting a TEDxRamallah Wallpaper? ]


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  1. April 13, 2011 3:13 pm

    really excited for the event, will it be stream live???? so that i can watch it online here in Wales

    • April 13, 2011 3:16 pm

      yes, the post has a link to the website that will livestream the day of the event, above.

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