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It comes in a Coffin

March 16, 2011

Earlier today @GabrielGhali posted “Smoking Facts and Tobacco Statistics
Figures about smoking/smokers in Lebanon are Impossible to find..(please prove me wrong with something more recent 2002, even that i couldn’t find!).. along with almost any other form of statistics that seem necessary.
But according to NowLebanon’s Post in 2010:
• Cigarette smoking costs the state about $327 million a year, roughly $55 million more than the profits made from tobacco sales
• 53 percent of Lebanese adults smoke (tobacco or arguileh)
• on average, a Lebanese adult smokes 12.4 packs of cigarettes per month
Figures are from a research by AUB Tobacco Control Research Group (TCRG), which also state that “Lebanon has one of the highest adult cigarette consumption rates in the WORLD at 12.4 packs per person per month

"Ashod the Artist" smoking arguileh by Krikorian

Ironically, Lebanon has signed the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, almost 6 years ago… with no signs of implementation on ground, until recently..
..Lebanese Parliament did finally approve an Anti-Smoking Law, last month, banning smoking from public places and public transportation. (iloubnan, AnsaMed) According to BeirutNight, “Smoking At Night Clubs To Be Banned… Very Soon

With such alarming rates, smokers in Lebanon are very resilient to smoking bans. And it’s not their fault: Cigarettes are cheaper than food in Lebanon.. at a price of $1.5 for a pack, who cares to rethink their habits.
If the average person smokes 12.4 packs a month, that costs them only $18.75, so the “highest adult cigarette consumption rate” title sounds overrated at such a price.

Banning smoking in public space is not enough, it’s not even a solution in a country where traffic lights are year-long-Christmas-ornaments. Strict measures must be imposed:
Increased Taxes on cigarette packs.
Fines for those that smoke in non-smoking areas (and i mean pricey-fines).
Requiring shops that sell tobacco to be Licensed.
Ban selling of tobacco at or near petrol stations with excessive punishment for those that do.
Imposing age restriction for individuals purchasing tobacco
… to start with…

Also, all these statistics, research, bans and efforts seem to be targeting Cigarette-smokers, we seem to have not realized that children as young as 10 years of age are no smoking “arguileh”, some people are smoking “arguileh” for breakfast on regular basis, and many more are addicted..
“Arguileh” doesn’t come in a small pack, it comes in a bigger coffin..

Smoke related sites:

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3 Comments leave one →
  1. March 16, 2011 10:43 pm

    Ma’am i smoke ! ain’t no blog post gonna make me stop until i have to.. which is the case now, so i switched to slim cigarettes as a first step, second step was smoking less… next step is quitting for good,
    i still believe that banning smoking in open areas is discrimination, why? because it is bad for your health? well weapons are bad too! why not ban them !

    Trella … *finished writing this.. and dramaticly grabs a cigarette*

    • March 16, 2011 11:07 pm

      Dear Sir,
      you are free to smoke, but not in my face! 😀

      +who said we don’t want to ban weapons!!

  2. March 17, 2011 7:32 am

    Thanks for the mention and the link 🙂
    Its so sad to know that at some level the smoking law will not be taken or is not being taken seriously.

    I’m constantly reminded by the smoking issue since I’ve grown in a family where my dad is a smoker “and in the house w yalli mish 3ejbo yfell” kind of setting. Everyone else in our family doesn’t smoke at all, we fight against it actually.

    As a country, I believe smoking should be more than just banned, prices should increase to cause a dramatic stop in the selling! I believe there are several ways that can cause people to “self decline” from smoking a cigarette since it should become a rare commodity.

    Crossing fingers…

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