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How off-track are we?

March 13, 2011

How off-track are we from our Constitution?
It’s always important to remember where we stand and how far off-track we are, and what should be done to get back on.. The Lebanese Constitution seemed like a good measuring point (it may have it’s flaws for some and others not, but it is our constitution so we have to acknowledge it and “update” it if needed):

Holding hands @ anti-sectarianism march 6 March 2011

Lebanese Protestors uniting arms at anti-sectarianism march. 6 March, 2011 (Picture by



A) Lebanon is a sovereign, free, and independent country. It is a final homeland for all its citizens. It is unified in its territory, people, and institutions within the boundaries defined in this constitution and recognized internationally.

B) Lebanon is Arab in its identity and in its affiliation. It is a founding and active member of the League of Arab States and abides by its pacts and covenants. Lebanon is also a founding and active member of the United Nations Organization and abides by its covenants and by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Government shall embody these principles in all fields and areas without exception. …”

Not even in Chapter One yet, and well, we have a serious issue to deal with.. Human Rights!! (Kindly have a quick read of the articles listed in the declaration and mark for yourself how many violations need to be attended to) This is not a critique of the government’s failures, because the government is a reflection of the people.

We need to reflect on our day to day events and realize how, we as individuals violate each other’s rights of freedom in our daily routines. Street safety is a right, the safety of your children in your vehicle is their right. An unpolluted space is everyone’s right, smoking, unfiltered vehicle exhausts are violations of other people’s rights. The right for peaceful demonstration. Even more basic, People ARE ENTITLED TO DIFFERENT OPINIONS, and that doesn’t make them less educated nor worthy to differ. This list could go on forever …

Everyone needs to start somewhere. Maybe we need to start by accepting the declaration in the 2nd Paragraph of our constitution and trying to incorporate it to our daily lives..

Food for thought..

All Opinions are more than welcome, because your opinion is your right.

P.S. Discussions of the Lebanese Constitution will hopefully happen on more regular basis. + Feel free to add your opinion and what violations to human rights do u feel need to be addressed on a personal level.

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  1. March 13, 2011 11:30 pm

    Totally agree,
    I studied the American laws and constitution and was amazed to see how amendments they do annually for their constitution respecting human rights
    and rights of information and freedom of expression!
    BTW, I read once in the Lebanese constitution that you should ask for the permission of the state to go in demonstration, which is extremely awful!

    • March 13, 2011 11:36 pm

      am not done going through the document, but abiding by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, means that people have the write to protest by default : “Article 20. (1) Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.”
      but if it really does, than would definitely need to be addressed on paper, since it’s not really implemented.

  2. March 14, 2011 10:09 am

    It such a sad reality, that these basic principles are still a matter of conflict in our country…


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