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reporting on #unitelb

February 27, 2011


According to AlNashra number of protestors has reached 4000 protestors.
More Images & videos from today’s anti-sectarian march:
Protest against the sectarian system/27.2.2011 by (Maria Kassab)
27 February 2011 – من اجل اسقاط النظام الطائفي by (Bassem Chit)
الشعب يريد اسقاط النظام الطائفي by (Mahmoud Ghazayel)

Video on

Thoughts Blog by @Virus2309 : A Big NO! by @Justimage : Lebanese demand the fall of their [sectarian] regime

Tnotes blog by @taniaelkالشعب يريد اسقاط النظام الطائفي

Samt Photographer by Marching for secularism in Lebanon

مسيرة إسقاط النظام الطائفي في لبنان 27-2-2011 ShreimProduction (Youtube)

Zawya: Hundreds of Lebanese march against confessionalism

Ya Libnan: Lebanese youth protest to overthrow the sectarian regime [Photos]

Reuters: Lebanese protest against sectarian political system

Naharnet : Lebanese Youth Brave Rain to March against Confessional Regime

Gulfnews : Lebanese youth protest against sectarian system

FoxNews (!?) : Hundreds Protest Lebanon’s Religion-Based System

Al Akhbar : الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام الطائفي

Al Jadeed (NewTv) : تقرير- مسيرة إسقاط النظام الطائفي – إبراهيم دسوقي (Youtube)

Al Jazeera : مظاهرة شبابية في لبنان لإسقاط النظام الطائفي (Youtube)


Today #feb27 witnessed a flood of protests and still is.

twitter has been heavy with tweets from the protests and solidarity with Lebanese abroad.

Reports say that around 2500 (latest reports say number may have increased to 3000+ as the weather cleared out) protestors have joined in, under heavy rain, and lack of infrastructure that the route of protest is experiencing.
the Route of protests is symbolic of the line that separated west and east Beirut in the Civil war. The March got a share of Lebanese media stations coverage, with emphasis on lack of political representation in the march and lack of political flags (that were banned in the protest), uniting under the Lebanese Flag. the hashtag for the protest to follow is #Unitelb & #feb27
Attendees described the protest as “it is the most energized demo I’ve seen of secular people here
and that “organizers say movement will not stop at today’s march. Open forums to be held weekly to discuss actions to bring down sectarianism
I won’t hide this, but i set off write this post in hope of this previous tweet, I’m ecstatic hearing that it’s planned. This is the Victory of this march.
Being realistic, no one expected the sectarian confessionary to be dismantled because of this march or any other protest for that matter. But realising out strength, collaborating and educating is the real victory.
The protest witnessed a huge army and security presence, which was expected after the security events that took place earlier.
A general sentiment remains, we need to start by changing ourselves ( but that’s for another long elaborate post ), cause without that we can reach nowhere. that’s why i hoped for the forums which the organizers apparently planned, win.

Images from the protests being shared via twitter

more images on: facebook  من أجل اسقاط النظام الطائفي اللبناني – نحو نظام علماني

On Farfahinne‘s Blog

More images and updates as the protest goes. Protest is scheduled to end @ 3p.m. (Beirut Time)

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  1. HASAN JOUNY permalink
    March 5, 2011 3:44 pm

    Down with the sectarian system in Lebanon

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