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bleeding hearts, healing tomorrow

February 22, 2011

“For those whose hearts are bleeding for the revolutions across the middles east .. next vacation please dont go far, visit an Arab Country.”

The countries of the Arab world are famous for beautiful scenery and lively tourism. But, how many have taken the time to visit the Arab World countries, before venturing out to Europe? Asia? the Americas?
Next vacation, plan a visit to an Arab Country…
In the past weeks, revolutions have been continuously threatened by the economic crisis that the revolutions will bring forth, as well as, “scaring of foreign investment”.
Much of this hold no ground, we can rise above these, the arab world is in one boat and we can support each other. Less foreign investment isn’t the end of an economy. neither is less foreign tourism. because with a population 360,029,936 (according to wikipedia) neither seems to stand as an excuse to sacrifice freedom and dignity of the people.

So take my advice, the next vacation you take, visit Tunis, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Jordan, Yemen, etc… look life in the eye and see the freedom in soul of the revolution. Next entrepreneurial venture, seek a neighboring country to grow into..

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  1. February 24, 2011 7:07 pm

    I would say, let the people do a pilgrim to these countries, to breath the air of liberation, hopefully ispired to do something against injustice and suppression in their own countries!


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