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Where’s the news?

February 20, 2011

Communication methods have evolved tremendously in the past few decades. First, Printing Presses, information was only passed through papers/books/eventually newspapers, altogether this was a slow process. Moving onto Radio, Television and The Internet, portable and at your fingertips. (and there always of course was the word-of-mouth, but that’s a different story). Each method, respectively, hastened the pace and speed of information shared, transmitted and communicated to the world tremendously.

(Cartoon) Planting DEMOCRACY in #Tahrir Square #Egypt #Jan25 ©CarlosLatuff

Throughout its development, Media broadcasted to the world information, facts, findings, shows and entertainment. but it also was a documentation of  life as it is, Archives. Archives are worth more than we can imagine; witnesses on history, on the events of yesterday for the justice and growth of tomorrow. (as long as they are unaltered of course)
But this documenting nature of Media seems to have … in way .. altered. With the emergence of propaganda machines, many news agencies no longer document the events in our lifetime, they report them with an opinion. No longer are these (not all of course) media stations neutral factors, they openly embrace their opinions into the scoop.
Even more advanced is the “making” of the news. Predicting, enticing and assuming, some even write articles, long elaborate stories of What-Ifs .. long gone are days where the media was your only unbiased trusted source of knowledge that reported the facts only and let tomorrow come as is, without fluffing speculations…

The World, not only the middle east has entered a new era, one that won’t be put down by guns, power and fear. People have realized freedom and are willing to fight for it. The middle east is witnessing change at a rate unpredictable by any person or historian. Freedom, after all, seems to be highly contagious in volatile regions (+petrol heavy ones). Media agencies are investing all efforts to cover the events ongoing throughout the region, but given the simultaneous events, you wouldn’t know with whom to start, what to say and what to remember is an opinion, who to interview, what questions to ask, what angle to repeat, what to mark as opinion, and what is solid facts. The learning curve in revolutions is really steep and i hope the broadcasts catch-up.

Until then, I trust the words of those on the street documenting their lives/revolutions through pictures, videos, blogs and tweets primarily. and then check-reference them with media-outlets. Because it’s the lives of those in the streets that the revolutions are for. It’s their hands that carve it and their souls that seek it.

Note: this post is not in reference to any particular news station (although parts may apply to many) but a mere observation to practices of anchormen/women on many stations.

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  1. February 20, 2011 10:49 pm

    Hallo LV,

    the western world realized long ago that controlling what the information flow towards the individiuals gives the controlles (at least partial) control over what the individuals think. Take for instance the situation in Lebanon: each political party/movement has its own media body, which spreads the program of its party in ALL aired/published stuff. The situation in other parts of the so-called civilized world is in fact not much different, albeit less obvious. Take for instance Germany (this example is extreme, but unforzuanetly real). In Germany there is a non-zero rate of murders within families. If a murder within a german family with oriental roots (or within an oriental family residing in Germany) takes place (like a man killing his wife or a brother his sister), then the media speaks of “Ehrenmord”, a murder out of honour (although there is no honour in such a thing). If the same thing happens within a German family, the media speaks of “Familiendrama”, a family drama. Notice the use of different terms for describing the same event. Although basically both murders are equally bad, an ethnic minority is demonized by the media whereas the same media seeks execuses for the other group. Come to think about it, there is more than an opinion spread with the information: there is a program, where the information/news is used to spread this program. It is so much biased, that one must rely on healthy commonsence and not buy whatever the media spreads. On the other, how many people do you know who have a good functioning commonsence?

    • February 21, 2011 5:44 pm

      sadly, not enough people. but thankfully i’m too critical by nature.
      I’m very disappointed with the arab media, pop shows, soaps, drama, talk shows, the world is crumbling and all i see is a bunch of ladies talking about botox and diets, of lets not forget the trend of Joke shows!!!
      and when the news finally comes on, NilesSat/arabsat cause disturbances & hinder the broadcast.
      even News Stations have become irritating at times…

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