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from Beirut to Egypt with love.. II

February 17, 2011

Protest in Solidarity with Egyptians against Mubarak’s regime, Feb13.
pictures by @farfahinne (click on image for more photos on farfahinne’s photo-stream)

Feb13 - March Against Mubarak..©Farfahinne

Now that Mubarak is out, and the NDP regime is trying to survive with whatever loot it can gather and save itself from persecution, our message to the Egyptian people is the following:

This is the beginning of a long journey, many will try to take the easy, quick-fix way to patch things, but don’t subdue. Take the long way, the way less travelled because the time and effort (which is alot) that you put into it will ensure that the victory you create will live on to many generations to come. That will remember you and say: Our Great Ones.
Patience is a virtue.
You have broken the barrier of fear, of procrastination, of negligence, of dependency. You’re now a new-born. Free. Unbound. Curious. Fast growing. Beautiful. Unrestrained. and Intelligent. Bless you all, may you achieve the homeland that you have fought for, the way you see it, they way you dream it, the way you breathe it, the way it should be, Egyptian and proud.

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  1. Abdul permalink
    February 18, 2011 6:14 pm

    I wanted to share this with you and all free spirits out there.

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