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Extreme Scenarios

February 3, 2011

Why is it always a danger that some-one “extreme” (or should we say, extremely Anti-US Middle East Policy) runs a Middle Eastern country, other than Israel, why its never an issue that an Extremist runs Israel?
How are Islamic Extremist any worse any other form of radical extremism?

Why does the U.S. think that democracy isn’t the right choice for the Middle East? or should we specify… the Arabian Middle East (in other words, everyone except Israel, minding that Israel is a pretentious democracy) ? Are the Arab citizens not educated? i can assure you, Arab citizens are neither ignorant nor brainwashed…

The Headlines of the fall of the Lebanese Government are: “Hezbollah topples government and takes over Lebanon”
Hezbollah being previously highlighted, elaborated , emphasized and ensured as a “Radical” Shiite (Muslim) Militia”, that intends to take over lebanon and turn it into a Taliban-like state. (sarcasm)

International Justice

"The photo speaks louder than any caption ever could."

The Headlines of the Egyptian Protests #Jan25 : “The Muslim Brotherhood tries to take over the Egyptian Government, by igniting protests throughout the country” (and who wants to live under the rule of Islam! thats unspoken-off!, but its ok on the other hand to live under the rule of the Church, or the Jews or Buddhism etc.. but not Islam) Which has been also portrayed and emphasized as terrorist, backward and anti-U.S, how dare u be anti-U.S.. even though the U.S does fund all the dictator regimes in the “Arabian” Middle East, with weapons, military training, money, subsidiaries, anything to stay on their chairs, as Dictators, far from “Democracy”.

What is going on in Egypt is nothing new, Egyptian police has been terrorizing people into a 99% election for Mubarak for 30 years!
Guess who supports this police? who funds them? who sends them weapons?
the United States Government.

The United States doesn’t believe that democracy is the best solution for the Middle East, to prevent fanatics-radical-extremists- Muslims from power… saying that also implies that the arab people also follow this description, to elect these radicals to start with.
In contrast to Israel were democracy is the right choice, supported and maintained, still, producing a highly Extremist Government, but that is Ok. Because it is also Extremely-Pro-U.S. interests

Do we conclude that the entire Middle East is simply Radical? in other words, Different from the American “Stereotypical” kind-of-government? But what’s un-American in un-acceptable?

Just Food For Thought

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