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If we ever have a Government ..

January 26, 2011
Badna Balad - "We Want a Country" -- ©Sugarpoppy via flickr

Badna Balad - "We Want a Country" -- ©Sugarpoppy via flickr

If we ever have a Government that could move forward on an “international conflict” scale or Internal Lebanese Developmental scale, it should be one of two (respectively):

1. Each country with “interests” (mentioned in my previous post) in Lebanon should assign a representative(s) to be directly delegated to the Lebanese government to replace their Lebanese stand-ups, as to create more direct communication and a faster route for reaching an agreement of the international conflict that finds a battle ground on Lebanese soil.
((looking at how intense these interests are , and internationally diverse, it looks like the Lebanese Conflict is the behind-the-door-face of the United Nations Assembly; all the formalities, protocols and diplomacy’s in one place and the real conflict in another realm))

2. We assign the most minor minority in Lebanon to govern it. President, Prime Minister, Speaker of the Parliament & 128 Ministers. This way we Don’t have to spend another 30 years arguing with sect/religion gets what ministry. As that point is established, maybe we could then move on to more important matters like Infrastructure and Laws that make a real country.

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