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Solidaire’s Stock on the Rise.

January 24, 2011

Solidaire’s Stock on the Rise. I don’t know if that was a deal? signed to save Solidaire from the Saudi abandonment. fresh money? or economic development? (i’m on speculating here, but i find these options highly reasonable)

Al Mustaqbal (Future): “MP Aloush calls upon all Lebanese to protest until Hariri is announced PM again.”
one Q: is MP Aloush participating in the protest physically? cause am sure he would think twice before advocating such actions if his life (like all the Lebanese people on the streets’ lives) was at stake.

Harriri Protest - 24 January ©Double U news

The predications of the voting have been announced a few days back, the results: as predicted. ( i wonder why we don’t listen to political reasoning but listen to Mike Feghali)
Q: Why do we assume that the parliament will budge now, while it didn’t flinch, when 8March supporting Lebanese camped in protest for more than a year in Downtown? are the demands of some Lebanese more important than others? are the protests of 8March supporters less worthy than those of 14Mrach supporters? And where do we draw the line? How is evaluated? by what Constitutional stance are we gonna take?

So Let’s revise this…
They parliament voted for a new Prime Minister. Harriri lost by 10 votes (fair enough), Mikati won. Democratic process.. i guess thats how i works. you vote. who wins gets the role. I’m not saying this because Harriri lost, but he could have won & its would still be a democratic process. its called voting (if it weren’t for the “flip-flopping” of some, but even that is predictable).

The Question i want to get to, is the following:
Why are we in constant fear of not being represented in the Government “Sect”-wise?
Do we believe that Christians-Muslims-sunnis-Orthodox-Maronite-Druze-etc can eliminate everyone else if they create a majority?
Why do we believe so? What has brought us to this conclusion?
Is our constitution vulnerable to  such events?
And most importantly…
Do we believe so due to OUR incompetence in democratic elections?
YES. “OUR” we voted incompetent people that work based on sectarian agendas. we elected their agendas and live the consequences.
If we chose to elect people based on real development plans, country’s benefit etc (like the rest of the democratic world) we wouldn’t fear sectarian elimination becuase it wouldn’t be part of the equation to start with and the Candidates would have accountabilities to meet rather than the Birth Given Title of a Sect!!

If your reading this. please don’t protest.
What happens inside Cabinet doors has never been changed with voices of the people in the street. not in Lebanon at least.
Those in the street will suffer and those in the castles will watch & live.

Edit: you can find more photos of the protests below:

NewYorkTimes Blog

The Guardian

NowLebanon [1] [2] [3] [4]

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