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We make headlines, again. (round-up)

January 13, 2011

As we didnt have time to read the 100s of posts streaming in due to yesterday’s (Wednesday, 12,2010) chaos, and becuase the headlines and titles were too priceless and hilarious. and the content was unforgettable (some in an extreme falsehood dumbness and some in the depth on opinion and insite) this round-up had to happen.
((Blogs are in Bold.))


Thuraya & The Terrorist Donkey: خفيفة – خبيثة

Time: Behind Lebanon’s New Political Crisis

Seif and BeirutGoverning The 10,452 km2

Patrick Galey: Twitter reacts to fall of the government

People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran: Lebanese leader says no deal on Lebanon

THE COSMOPOLITAN INTELLECTUAL: Lebanon: From Cedar Revolution to Sober Revelation

DNNet: Resignations Deepen Crisis for Lebanon

The NewYork Times (Opinions Page): Hezbollah’s Latest Suicide Mission

Global Voices: Lebanon: Eleven Cabinet Members Resign, Toppling Government

CommonDreams.Org : Lebanese Government Collapses

Time: Hizballah Brings Down Lebanon’s Government

CNAS: On America in Lebanon : رحال لموقعنا: ادعو جنبلاط لعدم الرضوخ للضغوط الهائلة … ولتنسحب المعارضة من الحكومة فالمحكمة باقية والعدالة قريبة…

Ya Libnan: Lebanon, the Berlin Wall of the new Cold War

BBC: Hezbollah and allies topple Lebanese unity government

(More) New York Times: Lacking Leverage, U.S. Grasps for a Solution in Lebanon

sietske-in-beiroet: Government-Less

Sleepless In Beirutthe in-between: minus eleven

BALABALAT HAMRA2: الأرزة تستقيل، وينتج عنها مسلسل سعودي سوري أمريكي تركي إيراني ودرامة وطنية


PressTV: Lebanon PM resignation accepted

YNetNews: Lieberman on Lebanon crisis: Hezbollah’s attempt at extortion

MSNBC: Lebanon plunges into deep political uncertainty

SawtBeirut: الرئيس اللبناني يطلب من الحكومة المستقيلة الاستمرار في تصريف الأعمال

Haaretz: IDF troops on alert following collapse of Lebanon government

People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran: Hezbollah forces Lebanon government collapse

Hurriyet Daily News: Lebanon in turmoil after collapse of government

Yahoo News: Hezbollah aims for more political power in Lebanon

>>”Washington has tried the past five years to move Lebanon firmly into a Western sphere and put an end to the influence of Hezbollah, Syria and Iran.” —

Gino’s Blog: 36100 REASONS TO PROTEST

Al Jazeera: “قراءات إسرائيل لحزب الله بعد “الظني

Reuters: Lebanon to start talks on new government on Monday

VoaNews: Israel Warns Hezbollah Against Any Spillover of Violence from Lebanese Crisis

Brookings: Hezbollah’s Power Play

Foreign Policy-Mideast: Hezbollah goes for the kill

حملة وين الدولة الإلكترونية ! : وين الدولة ؟

Qifa Nabki: Lebanese Government Falls, Consultations to Select New PM Begin Monday

AnNahar: جنرال الحسم”… هل حانت فرصته ؟

Hummus Nation:  إمتحان مصيري للرئيس العتيد

From Beirut with Funk(Independence’05): Traveling back in time does exist!

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