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Harb’s War — “حربُ “حرب

January 6, 2011

Harb’s War , is the only way i can begin to describe the committed absurdity of the proposed law.
Its not enough that the man proposed this law but has te blatant nerve to defend it.

Mr. MP

You’re a christian that keeps talking about christians this christians that. shiites are also buying lands from Druze in Mount Lebanon, i dont see you defending them!? but ofcourse your an MP for Lebanese Christians, cause they have elected you, with your money, in the lebanese regions that are christians and the sad miserable lives of others outside your voting campaign is pointless redundant and of no worthy. What are u afraid off, muslims moving into ur district, transferring their papers as well and you loosing your RELIGIOUS/SECTARIAN power to mind-wash people into revoting you into the mindless low-life position you currently hold?!

"You have your MP and i have my followers"

Could we take a moment to think this major hyposcrisy through:

To start with we are Lebanese, in Lebanon, in other words, the land, all of it, is for Lebanese people, regardless of religion, affiliation, sect etc. There never was a land for christian vs that for muslims. land = soil. not the end of the world, between people of the same country.
Could you stop blaming your love for sectarian greed on Hezbollah? Hezbollah wasn’t around in the civil war & early after that to encourage christians to move out of their hometowns in the south to “protect” them from muslim “invasion”. Hezbollah didn’t call christians the monsters that want to take over the country, like you describe muslims. Not every Shia is Hezbollah. but conveying that fact to the people would only mean that you lose your grasp on the people you rule with fear.

On a Social Level, Nayla Tueni wont be able to give her husband anything… neither would anyone:
@trellalb @LebaneseVoices a Q to minister Harb, what if am married to a woman from another sect? if i die she can’t get the piece of land i own? #Fail

Lebanese Muslims and Christians have always lived together, in the same villages and towns throughout the country. Politicians leading religious/sectarian excused wars and civil disturbances caused the migration to happen to start with to conquer your power (or lack of it, for that matter!).

Dear President,

We, the Lebanese, demand religion/sect neutral laws,
and that (the lost) Lebanese constitution be revisited
and revised to eliminate any law that addresses people
based on anything other than their Lebanese Nationality.

Minister Harb defends his ‘ Real estate’ bill

Opinions divided on Boutros Harb’s draft law

#mustread  طوائـف عقاريـة

مشروع القانون الذي تقدم به وزير العمل بطرس حرب إلى رئاسة الحكومة حول منع بيع الأراضي بين اللبنانيين

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  1. Ali Seif permalink
    January 6, 2011 10:47 am

    well said! us muslims are not out to take anything away from the christians, and i hate how this idiot is making it sound like we are out to destroy this country! I am a sunni muslim from zahle… outside of zahle city, everything is owned by sunnis, who really would sell their lands to anybody, they dont care… this idiot thinks he will be helping christians? NOPE… the “christian privince of zahle” will be muslim owned and operated, as most of the land there falls in sunni muslim hands…. what if we dont want to sell to christians… what do they do? go buy in the metn or keserwen? what an idiot, what a sad law, and even worse MP. he is limiting the christians to certain parts of the country… the south is shiite, the bekaa’s west and south is sunni, bekaa al wasat/zahle is christian and sunni, while north bekaa is shiite majority. so what happens? christians can only buy in ashrafieh, metn, keserwen, koura (where 90% of the people are secular), bsharreh, batroun areas? and lets face it, those areas are very small in comparison to the rest of the country. Enough already!

    Imad made a good point. My mother is Druze and my father is Sunni… if he dies, she cant own his land? If my maronite gf and i get married, what happens if i die… who gets my land? what happens to her?

    Something is fishy about this law, and i cant yet put my hand on it. ra7 ydoub el talej, w ha yban el marej… we will see.

    • January 6, 2011 11:31 am

      I completely agree. i find 15 years just enough time to divide and conquer.
      if he really cared about christians he would allow them to mingle with the muslims and live in peace.

  2. Fadi permalink
    January 7, 2011 9:37 pm

    I’ve always hated being the “Lebanese conspiracy theorist”, BUT i really do think this law is the start of federalism in Lebanon.


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