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Leading God.

January 5, 2011

In my humble opinion there is nothing wrong with religion itself, any form of religion, as long as its taken to the basis of what religion truly is; an organizational hint into what can make or break a society. Religion tries to convey structure, rules, procedures, laws etc. to make a society possible; to take us away from the Jungle!

follow the leader ©-sr-mace

But then comes the human species, that by default is not accurate, not consistent and vary in levels of understanding and analyzing, that also is incomplete, and not perfect in any form. and there the decay starts… politics, power, money, domination, greed, gluttony, all the sins and more… nothing really different from what we see day in and day out on all news broadcasts in the world!

And then comes social anatomy, were people aren’t all mental equal (not stupid or smart, have different mental capabilities) and in that equation, more than likely the general mass of society would rather have someone think for them, on what’s right and wrong, what should be done and how it should be done. In other words, they’d rather someone else they can slightly trust (or can gain their trust through any of the methods imaginable) lead and they’ll follow.

Terrorism has no Religion

Terrorism has no Religion

On that other level of leaders, competition, rivalry and power play, leaders forget that they have been elected to serve the public, because the public forget why they elected their leaders to start with. And so leadership becomes self-guided and self-serving. On a global level. Sh!t.

The dilemma is when leaders discover that religion is the easiest triggers of power ever! and they abuse it so bluntly, to create: fear, hatred, division, followers, induce behavior, separate geography ….(do i really need to go on.. )

bombing people? 9/11? churches? mosques? temples? gaza? beirut war? civil wars? sudan? Iraq? Iran? religion seems like quite the easy way out… especially with enough money to prove it…

Dear Coptic Egyptians,
Religion didn’t do it. People did.



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