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Welcoming new year’s Lebanese politics style!

December 31, 2010

In all the stalling, mis-understandings, undeclared, disagreed, unannounced, tangled, unsettled and continuum of procrastinating venture by the one and only lebanese officials… two days before the new year, when everyone is busy bustling in reservations, shopping, festivities etc.. (no one is available to protest! what a perfect timing!!) a new law gets proposed.. TADA!
The minister of Labor, Butros Harb, sets a master plan.. a (evil) genius plan which states that, real-estate (in different categories of built or unbuilt) may not be sold or bought from & to different sects for the next 15 years (more than enough for another civil war, divide the country+ create a militia of brainwashed hormone raging generation) (via Al-Nashra)

Dear Lebanese,
i have a feeling this issue may be agreed upon before purchasing new electricity counters (read) before the inflation, unemployment, internet, or any other decree that may matter to the survival of the population BUT ofcourse still after the Special Tribunal ( i’m always weary of the word “special”… like the word “nice” it has no meaning, vague enough to be any freaking thing imaginable!)

Happy New Year.
Enjoy the people around you.

My wish this year to the Lebanese people is as follows:
Get out of your comfort zone, if your in west beirut take a trip to Jbeil, spend the day, visit a Harissa, an old church, a mosque.. maybe even the Casino du Liban. If your in East Beirut, take a trip through to other side, to Saida, to Nabatiyeh… maybe visit the borders, the heck!
the point being. go to someplace you KNOW is outside your comfort zone. and spend the day. who knows you might see some light in our blesses diversity that we mistaken for a curse.

Happy New Year (i hope…)

P.s. if you voted for the morons your hating now, please dont do it again! in any form! 😀

be safe & don’t drink and drive!

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  1. December 31, 2010 3:32 pm

    %&$# 2emo, 3a 2em his master plan. What a sick individual!

    3ala kollin, Happy New Years to you!

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