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Power only in words.

October 9, 2010

awaiting your reply - ©blkbtrfli

“the pen is stronger than the sword” this old very and rather optimistic phrase that the lebanese politicians are all too familiar with.
The cowards that run this country have realized that they can lead a war from the comfort of their homes and media studios! Lately (not very recent/more like all year, extra tension lately) all i hear is a war is gonna break out, but really all the tension is purely in the voices of the media stations…ONLY! which then reflect onto the streets when the media station conveniently guides them to do whatever it’s owner/investor wants them to do!
If we want lebanon to live in peace, how about we shut the biased/sectarian bull the media keeps drilling into the peoples’ minds… if we were on the edge of a war next week! and the outrageously politicized Lebanese media stations suddenly get an power cut (like the rest of the country) with no extra fuel for their spare motors, and a virus that ruins all their equipment (not inviting anyone to take the prestigious initiative, just if!). Then there would be no war! cause there’d be no one to tell them what to hate, who to hate and where to stab each other in the back!!
These politicians are only as strong as their words, and words are free… at least to those in power, with PR machines and tones of money to silence everyone else, permanently! (have you noticed they are almost always out of the country on the slightest chance of a conflict)
So, Dear Lebanese-on-the-verge-of-war, switch of your TV’s/Radio/newspapers etc… walk across to the opposite side of the country, pick a random grocery store and shop there, don’t ask the vendor about his/her religion or sect, nor their political preferences, only ask them how they are doing today, and how has the weather been in a place so far away… ask them if they miss you, a person from so far away … yet a lebanese like me.

via twitter: “the only power #Lebanese politicians have is the power of their media, if they aren’t on it for a week, they can’t propagate their idiocity!” – @lebanesevoices

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