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Park at your own risk!

August 25, 2010

Ramadan Nights -5-

24, August 2010 another pitfall in the lebanese social decent…
A wordly dispute over a regular parking spot for a leading figure causes artillery to be raised within minutes! The Glory Oh Glory of the Almighty men that shadow us with their wisdom, courage and devotion.
about the most substantial version of the story is on AlJazeera
lets break this down:

park at your own risk

park at your own risk - only is Beirut

Its the Holy month of Ramadan, Its around Iftar time, Muslims of different factions (both fasting), shoot each other, kill each other, next to a Mosque. for a parking spot. hmmm.. correct me if i’m mistaken but nothing can come to excuse this.
It’s most disappointing to hear such on-going absurdity that is only possible because getting a licensed weapon is as simple as grocery shopping these days. and here we are not referring to small caliber hand-guns but RPGs and machine guns!!

Ofcourse the Lebanese Un-Baised media ran to rescue, covering this a purely political sectarian breakout in the middle of beirut, calling the army to hold out the civil war!!!
only to end it with, sorry this was a personal dispute, bas ba3id shu?!

enough is enough, the reason the whole country is carrying weapons is that the call of weapons our of the masses is on hold, why? because how can u ask the whole country to give-in their weapons without coming close to that of the Hezbollah? its too complicated…or not?!

If no one had guns, no one would need guns, cause there’s no guns to protect yourself from!

The role of the Lebanese resistant is crucial in the end of Israeli violation, but its role should be restricted to external politics and power, not internal!!

here i quote @BeirutSpring ( (with a very sincere sentiment) : “I criticize because I care.


The Jordan Times: Lebanon sectarian clash kills two

CNN: Beirut neighborhood calm after deadly clashes

+961 :53 Photos + 1 video from Bourj Abi Haidar clashes


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