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Ramadan nights – 4-

August 15, 2010

Lebanese Army

3 August, 2010 marked a very important day in the regions history. For the first time, in over 30 years a army of an Arab country raises arms against Isreali occupation! Yes the issue has received a lot of controversy but it was nonetheless a source of pride.

Labayka ya Watan

Labayka ya Watan

In response to what happened, the US government decided to stop financing the Lebanese Army with its usual annual givings of World Ward II left over sticks and stones… ( for those that barged at this like its a big deal, you might want to remember that the US also finances the entire Isreali government with endless funds, guns, technology, equipment and state of the art facilities, with open bridge military equipment during its last war on Lebanon in 2006 and then take pity on the Lebanese Army with a few rifles!) Later in the chaos wealthy members of the Lebanese Diaspora offered to financially support the Army if needed, and since we are as glad to receive any finance of any sort to salvage our beloved Lebanon, an account was set by the Minister of Defense to receive financial aid to the Lebanese Army… believe me, we could collect billions in donations from Lebanese people all over the world. But will that reach the army … if our government is responsible for it.. i really doubt it, don’t get me wrong i Pray it does! but why would this time be any different from the 300 previous times!!

I would also like to propose another solution for our patriotic army: why not buy arms from the abundant supply within the lebanese soil, in EVERY lebanese house! maybe then we could clean the streets of unnecessary commotions that end up with fire arms too often! and at the same time give these weapons to those thats Job is to serve the country with these fire-arms against real harm, occupation and war, rather than ridiculous disputes and family rivalry.. removing arms from within the hands of Lebanese citizens and political parties is an ultimate goal, but the road to it is not quite that paved, but it has to be done! the only people with weaponry should be the Lebanese Army, Bless them! (details will be discussed in a dedicated post)


Ya Libnan – HOW Not TO Finance An Army

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  1. August 15, 2010 7:01 am

    Good points. Well, of course the LAF needs more sophisticated weapons than the ones available on the streets. Fighter jets, ground to air missiles and the like. Sadly though how the presence of Israel turns her neighbours more and more into militarized societies. I might come back to that in one of my own blogs shortly.


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