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Ramadan Nights – 2 –

August 12, 2010

The televised Faces of Ramadan

A month ago, around early July, Ramadan series, shows, etc starting advertising on every Arab owned TV channel you can imagine. Every channel has its own batch of shows to share, special programs for the month, unique schedule, game shows, offers etc. As August and Ramadan were approaching the ads multiplied like rabbits!! & more & more shows came to light!! if you watch TV there’s no way you wouldn’t have noticed that Ramadan is close! VERY close!

MBC 1 alone has 16 shows especially for Ramadan! thats approximately 16 hours of TV?! who can watch that many shows ?!

Long ago when Ramadan was about doing good, worship, family, decipline etc.. now its about: extravagant buffets, countless hours of ridiculous Tv shows and long nights out in shisha/argeeleh tents! oh and game shows! lets get lucky and make money!!

زهره و ازواجها ©mbc

These shows have not only discarded any concern to rich literary content, or plot or even actors, they have discarded what’s left of ethics in this society as well!! Ironically the Egyptian TV monitor banned scenes from the series زهره و ازواجها (Zahra and her Husbands) for being inappropriate with the Holy month… well if you look at the situation, scenes that are inappropriate are inappropriate for Television viewing in the first place! especially for a show that play at 4:30 GMT, (7:30 beirut) completely accessible to any minor or child to watch!!

At least some countries (outside the arab world ofcourse!) seem to ahve taken concern on the topic : Ramadan Should Be Marked With Better TV: Critics (Jakarta Globe)

I’m not mentioning this only because its Ramadan, but given that these shows are made especially for the month of Ramadan, you’d think they’d be more considerate! This disgracefulness has been going on all year round, and every month it gets worse and worse, all u need to do is watch a single hour of Melody Arabia or Mazzika every month, to notice the degrading morals that are promoted!

I distinctly remember a few clips from the previously mentioned stations that use to repulse me while having lunch with my friends at a restaurant we frequently went to… please take a moment to check this trailer for an R rated movie that played ALL DAY LONG, for about 2 month!!

well … its soft erotic! even for a trailer! i’m sure there’s plenty of other scenes within the movie that could talk about the story rather than the soft porn of the movie!! but that was the trailer on TV!


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