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A Series of Unfortunate Events

August 3, 2010

IDF cutting tree over the border - AFP

Lebanon is a very unique country in the world (ofcourse every country in the world is unique in its own way, from food, culture music, problems and so much more, but this is different) particularly lebanese summers … the season of tourism, season of family re-unions, also season of bombs, violations, interceptions, planes, and newly spies!

Since the beginning of Summer 2010, the Israeli PR machine didn’t take a summer vacation, infact they doubled the efforts (especially that the economic, social and cultural growth in Lebanon is reaching new heights) to make sure that Lebanese Tourism, which is the living blood of Lebanon’s growth, doesn’t happen.

first there was the 4 Merckavas that decided to have a nice trip along the borders and park there for a while in late May, 2010. then the soldier that dismantled a forgein body along the Littany river, then more and more violations, a farmer gets kidnapped and runs away, soldiers walked in and out of the borders like its the backdoor to their friendly neighbors, water violations, threats and accusations. Helicopters and planes in & out of Lebanese skies whenever they feel the urge…
Even further the Israeli PR keep brining up the Natural Gas fields in the international waters as an excuse to an upcoming war against Lebanon, while the Lebanese don’t seem to be concerned  to turn that political conflict into any form of war, or any of the previous violations as to War!

the Lebanese Government, People and Resistance have given the Israeli Forces more than enough space and they have abused the patience of the people beyond what is acceptable, not even the International Peace forces in Lebanon bother to acknowledge these violations, as a Violation of the UN 1701 that was promoted and urged by Israel and international forces primarily!!! yet as usual they violations happen at will.

Today was the peak of it… after presenting to the Lebanese army a request to plant spying cameras along the lebanese border at the Addayse village, south Lebanon, the Lebanese Army rejected the request and announced that that would be considered a violation, yet the IDF (Israeli “Defense” Forces) went ahead without regard to do what they intended to do, crossing the borders like its a picket fence … and entering Lebanese soils to plant evident spying tools .. (i wonder if the lebanese army has the right to place surveillance cameras along the border as well, or is that a violation to 1701?!?) and wat a perfect day to do so, the 3rd of August, the day that marks the end of July 2006 war, coincidence? In hope for Hizbollah to be involved, blamed and marked, the IDF was shocked to be faced with the Lebanese Army! so what will the PR machine weave for this dilemma … don’t worry they are experts, they figured something out:

“The so-called “Lebanese Army” is a branch of Hezbullah and shouldn’t be getting any US equipment. They should ask Iran for it.”

“I wonder whether the “Lebanese Army” even knows that the border fence IS ENTIRELY WITHIN ISRAELI TERRITORY and IDF can go on other side.”

“The fence between Israel & Lebanon is simply a fence – not the intl border, which is called the ‘Blue Line’.” (Well of the borders are a picket fence, and the International waters are the backyard pool, what’s left? )

“IDF: Our Soldiers were attacked during routine mission; Lebanese Government responsible…”

Ironically this whole stunt occurred right after “A high ranking Lebanese army officer has been arrested on suspicion of spying for Israel” , yet another coincidence…

even worse they had the nerve to report the clash incident to the UN (which didn’t exist today) as a violation by the Lebanese Army!!

Is this series misfortunate events that keep provoking the Lebanese going to continue forever?

The Israeli PR keeps creating a atmosphere of high conflict and war across the media streams, that have no ground evidence, other then the violations created by the IDF themselves, there is now war or conflict in Lebanon, there is one enemy that the entire country stands united against, and that is all. There’s a blooming economy, a growing society, a budding art scene, a revived sense of belonging and pride, a strong will, hope and dream of the Lebanon that once was more than 30 years ago, stronger, prouder and more free.

Deepest Condolences to the brave soldiers that served their lives to stand the Lebanese soil … we are deeply proud of you.

more on today’s events:

QifaNabki: Nasrallah Promises Evidence that Israel Killed Hariri


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