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The Arrivals

July 30, 2010

The Arrivals, a David Twohy, sci-fi movie about aliens invading planet earth. It tells the story of an astrophysicist that receives signals from these extra-terrestrial creatures, of a coming invasion. The Aliens try to find the astrophysicist and eliminate him before he has the chance to warn the world.

a view of Beirut ©blkbtrfli

Today, Friday 30th July 2010, will almost be engraved on the stairs of the Baabda palace. They have arrived, the magical hands that run the Lebanese politics, magically and smoothly. The Syrian and Saudi Presidents arrive today to Lebanon for a visit to “boost Lebanon stability” and “defuse Lebanon tension” , assuming that the Lebanese society tension is not a sum of these accumulated “meetings” , “agreements” and “relationships”.

The streets of beirut have been bombarded (again, after the WorldCup + Municipal Elections) with more propaganda & posters welcoming the beloved guests. but, today’s controversy is slightly more complicated. The Syrian President (a previous leader of occupation of the Lebanese society, recently removed in 2005 after the Harriri Assassination) a very important figure to the 8 March Affiliation, or what’s left of it,  and the Saudi King, another very very dominant figure in the 14 March, or what’s left of it, affiliation and a huge dominator of the Lebanese Economy.

What calls for this visit? why now? and what’s it about!? remain obscure even to the Lebanese public, which this visit is supposedly about. Alot of fingers point to the recent controversies over the Speech of Al Sayyed Hassan Nassrallah and the leaking information about the “report” that is meant to reveal who was involved in the Harriri Assassination in 2005, as the reason for this tension. I watched the speech, the replies & press conferences & releases that followed, nothing out of the ordinary rick rack that occupies lebanese politicians and leaders night and day. Nothing that really calls for controversy, nothing new…
But it seems this Rick Rack is close to revealing some truth this time, and needs to silenced before anything of true value and some logic surfaces, God Forbid, and the world for once may see some light.

If you’ve noticed i kept the Qatari President out of this whole dilemma not because he has no significance, His efforts are greatly appreciated and thanked, but i feel that he is like us, lost in the turmoil of the hidden agendas, spotlights, and alliances.

On a second note, the Saudi King’s Escalator had a special appearance at the Lebanese Borders earlier this week.. the arch entrance to the border had to removed to allow the stairs to be passed through to receive their highness…


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