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The Last Chirp Down..

July 29, 2010
"Habbaytak bil Sayf" - ©blkbtrfli

In our precious country hunting is illegal, but still many find a hobby in the pleasure of shooting down what is left of free spirits chirping across our slightly less blue skies… but the last chirp of hope, freedom and life has been shot dead for a price.

Fairouz, Nuhad Haddad, the voice that we grew up with, that brighten our mornings and revived our nights… the pride that filled the lungs, the tears that washed the eyes as the heart danced to that angelic voice. Fairouz is a Pure Legend.
I had the honor of attending a musical play for Fairouz two years ago at the Sharjah University Hall theatre, for the first time, my heart was racing to see and hear the Legend on the stage, Live, after years & years of everything… joy and sorrow, the kind that cant be put in words, because they cover an array of feelings indescribable by words alone, nor image, nor motion, but the heart alone can feel.

The thought of banning Fairouz from singing is the extreme of absurdity. It is Murder. The Murder of Freedom, of life, of lebanon, and us all…
Al Rahbanis’ Play, Ayyam Fakhr El Din, tells the story of a girl, Fairouz, whose dad goes off to war, and tells her to go from town to town singing her country in song so that even if the sword breaks, the hope and freedom of the country will live on in the song and it will be born again.
This story, at least to me, is the true story of Lebanon, the country that has been molded over many time, and yet rises again on the chants of young people that love, hope, pray and breath the life of their land.
A voice that sang Palestine, Jerusalem, Petra, Alexandria, and so much more …

Only the whole Discography (which is very very very extensive) (more of Fairouz’s Biography at )

©simplyloly .deviantart

In the dispute over copyright financial issues, the second generation of Rahbani Brothers, seem to believe that Fairouz is a Legend that can be restrained, a right that can be inherited, its true that fame has a price. And an obligation to the people. Even though they may be Legally just ( the details of the law suit are obscure to the public) they have forgotten the abyss that they have dug into. Fairouz is the right of every Lebanese, Arab, and World citizen. She’s the most gracious voice to walk the screens, guided by the masterful Mansour and Assi Al Rahbani (first generation of Rahbani Brothers), and has no obligation to answer to any of the disgusting claims of heirs.

What is more choking is that the Lebanese Authorities stand still in front if these disgraceful allegations, instead of adopting this as the dilemma it is, or have they forgotten that the ENTIRE of Lebanon owes this legend for every tourist that thrived to Beirut’s Airport, dreaming of the rhymes and beauties enchanted in her voice, and every scattered Lebanese rushing to reach the homeland in summer to revive the nostalgias of that beautiful scream of pride. Have they forgotten? i wouldn’t be surprised .. they have forgotten so much more in the past …

Fairouz should be Honored, because she like the Cedar in the Lebanese flag, is the what’s left of the pride of the community.

The Fans of Fairouz should put together a concert for the Legend to sing till dawn, free of monetary obligations, find a glitch to oppose the bigotry… Fairouz shall sing forever.

I end as a tear sheds to an aching heart over such disgrace. as i hope to call her out as Mama Fairouz, the mother of hope and pride:
You are the Voice of Angels that echoes into the mountains of Lebanon, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Sahara’s of the Arabian Gulf, and the Blue Skies to Heaven.

Press RoundUp:
The Guardian: Fans lend their voices to Fairouz, the silenced diva
Wikeez: Julia Boutros and Elham Shahine in Fairouz’ Sit In

Youtube : Fairouz

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  1. July 29, 2010 11:14 pm

    min ba3d iznek, am gonna share this 🙂


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