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The Freedom of Flotilla

May 31, 2010

Today marks yet another catastrophic violation of human rights on the dignity of the world citizens, and what is left of life in the Occupied Palestinian Land, specifically Gaza.

Ever since late 2007, Gaza has been reportedly “free” from Israeli control, yet, they are under strict laws that control curfews, building permits (which cease to exist), and aid control.
Gaza’s Aid cabinets have been empty for long, after the war on gaza last year, wat was left in these stores was bombed by the israeli army, claiming that the UNESCO medicine warehouse, and UN food supplies are weaponry stores.

A list of items/materials allowed into the Gaza Strip has diminished from 500 to 20 items, and has been ongoing for the past two years! items such as Children’s toys are not allowed, item such as kitchen ware and aluminum weren’t allowed until last month (April 2010)!! BBC provides a list of the items allowed with dates permitted.

Yet israeli authorities have the liberty to ban, allow and confiscate any aid that is sent to Gaza at will, and announce that they are providing Gaza citizens with all the aid and supplies they need and therefore the freedom flotilla flight was an unnecessary stunt?!

40 Different nationalities aboard the ships, from Turkey, Greece and Ireland headed to Gaza, to the Gaza port (which israel says is under palestinian authority control) to provide these citizens with toys for their children, wheel chairs for the thousands cripples by israel’s continuous raids, medicine for those few survivors, flour, and other Survival needs!
Out of these 40 nationalities are a parade of countries: Irish, Australian, French, South African, Greek, American, German, Turkish, besides arab nationals, and many more. Are all these brave souls mistaken in their aid call?! if they had solid facts that the aid needed was reaching Gaza they wouldn’t have worked night and day for months to collect the necessary aid, put their lives at risk to do what seems like a true moral call?

Freedom Ships to Gaza

Freedom Ships to Gaza

Flotilla’s passengers ranged from Holocaust survivor, Hedy Epstein (85 year old Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize Winner), Researchers, Intellects to EU ministers from across the continent, activists from across the WORLD, humanitarian aid volunteers, and medical aid staff, to quote a few. (List of Names Provided )

Yet Israeli Authorities gave itself the right to violate International Law and Protocol and attack the Flotilla flight while amidst International Waters (clear violation of international law) and Israeli MP declares that it has that right (because its above such laws) because the ships were heading to their waters. But the Flotilla wasn’t! it was heading into a harbor in Gaza, allegedly free from Israeli control.

The Fleet was welcomed with Israeli’s Defense Forces gunfire aiming right at their passengers and helicopters that rained squads to ship boards, and yet found it excusable to call the defense of these passengers as “terrorism” with sticks!
The Fleets were Searched thoroughly at their departure points, no weapons existed on them, and no weapons were found when they were dragged to Gaza’s shore other than those the IDF held to their heads! (Iraq war much?!) Members of the ship were detained and investigated immediately on arrival!

Outraged Civilians worldwide even in Tel Aviv immediately protested the barbaric acts of the Israeli Occupation:

Tel Aviv Protest France Protest Norway Protest London Protest Dublin Protest Washington, DC Protest

The most moment that is still choking me is that of Gaza’s people waiting at the Harbor with sparks in their eyes, praying for this glimpse of freedom, for people from the Outer world to reach their completely annihilated lives. Standing along the Harbor, with banners and flags, trumpets and drums, marching bands, chanting and anticipating… a glimpse that never reached.
Another year with no toys for their children, Santa Claus was killed on the way under International Law’s eyes, and by tomorrow will be excused and let go with a scolding…

Mini ironic side note: “Israel stations nuclear missile subs off Iran” according to the TimesOnline as off yesterday 30,May 2010 …  is the stunt on the freedom flotilla a distraction? i wouldn’t be surprised!

Press Round Up:

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3 Facts You Need to Know

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