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Lebanese for Secularism

April 21, 2010

Are we ready for Secularism in Lebanon?

I’m 100% pro a secular lebanese political establishment, especially that i believe that the current system is the main reason for religious problems in Lebanon, but are we ready for it?

Current statistics show that level of religious intolerance is +50% in all of Lebanon equally!! so if the current political structure changes now, the people are still chauvinist, we really wouldn’t have changed anything and the level of fear, frustration and insecurity will increase significantly.

The problem isn’t in Secularism, the problem is that the people must call for Secularism for it to become sincere, and successful. I was recently in Beirut documenting some opinions and activities dealing with the religious intolerance in Lebanon. and was invited to a school workshop in Kfarhbab organized by Adyan Village (an organization that works on educating youth about opposite religions and brings them together). It was an amazing experience, one that lead me to the conclusion that we aren’t ready for such a big step. (video will be posted soon)

First we need to get read of the religious factions in people’s heads before we remove them in the physical structure, and we can do that with the current political structure. If we have leaders that actually stop talking about factions and sects and their fear tactics and worry about the well being of our wonderfully knitted society instead. If they stopped talking about how victimized their sects are, and acknowledge that we all want to live together. If they stopped accusing and blaming each other for their inadequacy. If these leaders stop passing on the rule, like this democracy is a kingdom!!! If we don’t vote for the same nitwits that have should no interest in the progress and development of our society 20 years ago, and still (being the same ones) don’t show any interest now.

lebanon laique pride

lebanon laique pride - (Image from Qifa Nabki)

After viewing the Secular plan, principles and values posted at the site of Secularist Beirut ( they seem to have a plan, which goes without saying (they must its a HUGE jump) but i’m scared that the most beautiful thing that could happen to our beautiful country will be tripped over by the unwillingness, or more under-prepared society.

We should march for Secularism on April 25, 2010, 2011, 2012, … but we should build secular lebanon in the people, in the schools, in the streets, cafes, supermarkets, houses, balconies, and dreams of the people before Secular Lebanon becomes the most beautiful Lebanon can ever be.

The Lebanese deserve to move away from the mundanity that keeps tangling up our lives. and move on to flourish and grow.

Mini press round-up:

Long live Lebanon,
May all your voices be heard.

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