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April 18, 2010

Utopia is a Caricature Comic – By Omar Khoury
published on AlrayNews

Perhaps the panels that affected me the most were the ones disscussing the Lebanese flag:


Utopia -Pg 27

analyzing the lebanese flag: right to left
1.”we should analyze successful examples, to understand the structure of flags more
2. “for example: the flag of Lebanon, Two red lines that represent all the”red lines” that constrain ambition or dealing with sensitive topics
3. “the white space represents the gap between the political parties, that can’t be crossed, and the green cedar, because its the last one left” … “hmm … ur right

I expect analyzing someone’s flag in such a matter may be outrageous to some, but it hits to the core of the problem: how far we have grown away from the principles of our flag.

Utopia is a beautiful comic, worth reading.
Talks about two girls, who decide to create their own country that has no borders, no limits, its in their hearts and souls and can go with them wherever they are, needs no identification, visa or passport, its the nation of all those that are sick of their own nations, for wat-so-ever reasons.
It is Utopia.


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