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Produce More

April 11, 2010

we watch, more than create
we eat more than bake
we waste more than preserve or clean
we nag more than do something about it
we Consume more than Produce
a consumer nation

yet we have the brains, the manpower, the money, the resources & everything we need to Produce.

Produce More.

Produce movies, music, products, ideas, culture, philosophy, content.

want to produce? have an idea?
ideas are more valuable than you think and have many venues for growth.

and many venues to release your creativity.

and thats just the beginning …

would like to thanks the special team of ArabNetme 2010 for surfacing these many efforts & helping at least me as well as many others to find out and reach these platforms.

search the #arabnetme tag on twitter for updates on the arab net development and more.

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