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the real change

April 3, 2010

In my recent visit to Lebanon, i noticed a series of posters all over the place, unfortunately never had the chance to take a photo. but you may be familiar

Citizens for Real Change

Citizens for Real Change

Citizens for Real Change

you can sign the petition to support this campaign,

The campaign is very dominant on the streets of beirut, its really hard to turn a corner without seeing another series.

Is is really time for change? change of what?

Safety, Justice, Equality are high-rate demands that Must be available in our society and any other society, but its not a tweek in the system that can lead to it, but a genuine change the flows from the thoughts of students behind their desks at school to the pens of diplomats and presidents that come and go (or don’t go) , while the streets are still swamped with dismay.

Do you think its time for Change?

maybe we should start by spreading the word, working for it, dreaming about it, and changing from the inside, so that change will flourish on the outside.

are YOU being Fare in in your daily interactions?

are YOU playing it safe? seatbelt? protection?

are YOU treating people equally?

The Manifesto

“- We want to live in a country where everyone is under the rule of law.
– We want a government that protects all its citizens, regardless of status.
– We are opposed to political covers for crimes committed by powerful and influential individuals.
– We want a law that controls the issuing of firearms by various security forces.
– We want the strict ban of weapon possession in public areas.
– We want a law to ensure the employment of experienced individuals in the security field (i.e., bouncers, bodyguards, security personnel…)
– We propose a special brigade, trained in handling violence of any kind, be placed to protect public and entertainment venues.
– We demand a zero-tolerance policy applied on all troublemakers and shooters in public areas.
– We demand that all associated parties to the crime, not just the executioners be susceptible to punishment under law.
– We demand a swift, transparent, independent and non-corrupt judicial system.”

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