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Welcome, and delay

March 18, 2010

i would like to welcome all the readers of Lebanese voices and invite them to join us on Facebook and Twitter .

The blog is active, and hopefully will be updated at least on weekly basis, meanwhile, feel free to take our on-giong short survey linked below:
and participate in the polls on the page.

I wont be updating this week until the 28th of March because i am traveling to Beirut, Lebanon to film a documentary about religious tolerance, or intolerance for that matter, in Beirut that has grown from the Civil War onwards, and the efforts by NGOs such as Adyan Village ( are trying to fight back this problem in the Lebanese society.

I will be in Beirut from the 20th till the 26th,

if you wish to participate in this documentary, have a personal story to share regarding this topic or just wish to share your thoughts about it, please feel free to comment on this blog, or on the facebook fan page, as well as through twitter. and i will contact you as soon as i get it.

I will be attending ArabNet 2010 on Friday the 26th of March as well, if you are as well, then c u there 😉

“ArabNet 2010 is the first international conference for the Arab web industry, bringing together leaders from across the MENA, Europe and Silicon Valley to discuss cutting-edge trends and emerging opportunities.”
25-26, March 2010 Habtoor Grand Hotel, – Sin il Fil, Beirut, Lebanon
Registration still open and will be available at the door.

thank you for your support! 😀

Lebanese Voices.

May all your voices be heard…

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