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Lebanese Voices

March 12, 2010
Lebanese Voices is a project in progress, a online social media network, that targets to connect individuals of the Lebanese community.
It physically is a platform, a stage, were all these voices of change come together to orchestrate a difference in our lives. I want to connect the thought to the action. The Hope of change to the Form of it.
The idea is to create a place were individuals can join in, to share their concerns about their community, and realize that they are not alone in their hardship, meet others that share their same concerns, collaborate, share, discuss and support each other, and hopefully be able to create a difference in the real physical community. To Change.
In this attempt, it is important to acknowledge that there already are NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) that have been established in attempt to address various concerns of the Lebanese community, and therefore, individuals can join these organizations, take part of their activities, events and support them.
Lebanese Voices, at the end is merely a platform, and the real value of it comes from participation and involvement. It can only become what the community makes it.
The project is still in prototype phase, due to my lack of coding skills, but hopefully, it will be available in the near future. Meanwhile in the attempt to create the project it would be fair to start participating and creating conversations and changes with whatever mediums are available. That’s why Lebanese Voices is available here to initiate the change.
Part of the project proposal:
“I propose a social media network, that connects grass root efforts to the
people to be able to create a change, promote their ideologies and thoughts,
as well as gain support for their efforts. The system works similar to Facebook,
which i find to be the most effective and efficient of most social media networks,
but its main purpose is to educate and empower individuals in our community. A
platform that connects people that want to change things in their society and help
them achieve that. It aims to facilitate communication between individuals in the
region, to discuss the things they feel need to change, and create groups that can
act together to create these changes, if there aren’t efforts already available in
that do so. “
Lebanese Voices on Facebook
Lebanese Voices on Twitter
Lebanese Voices on WordPress
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