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Small Solutions: A crowd call

September 28, 2016

(yes I know I haven’t been blogging, but that’s for another post)

Between trash, elections, trash, security, scandals, more trash and ebbing public opinion, Lebanon seems to be slightly ever so slightly changing.

Refugees are not going anywhere anytime soon. The trash crisis is still here.
People are slightly sicker of the ruling class than last year and for plenty of good and obvious reasons, but that’s worth alot more than people give it credit.

Something I’d like to promote and call for your support on: Recycle Beirut, a service I have been personally using for the past year are going online to raise money to grow their work, please support them here:


Remember that trash crisis we’re so good at ignoring. Oh and that raging war taking place next door, that we’re so good at ignoring as well. Here’s a slither of hope and a small solution.
Separating your trash is by far the easiest most obvious thing that everyone should be doing today! There’s absolutely no excuse on the planet for not separating at the source except arrogance and ignorance. Keep a bag for recyclables (or multiple) and one for your organics. You’ll realize that 80-90% of your daily trash is packaging and your organic trash is too easy to compost. There’s no such thing as waste. It’s all raw material and resources, just like our bodies that decompose into the soil and new life.

عن انتخابات بيروت

May 3, 2016

مبارح حاولت اشرح لحداً ليش “لائحة البيارته” استهزاء بالدولة والوطنية. المفروض كل واحد ينتخب محل ما هو ساكن، مش محل ما جد جدو خلق؛ لأن معظم الناس مش ساكنة بمسقط رأسها، وتحتى المواطن ياخذ صوته بجّدية لازم يكون متأثر بالقرار. اليوم انتبهت انو انا شخصياً بنتخب بالجنوب، بس الساعات يلي عايشة بالجنوب بحياتي كلها ما بيطلعوا سنة من عمري. يعني اذا ربح الحزب السائد الانتخابات وعمّر شي مجلس (رقم ١٠) بالضيعة، ما بأثر عليّ شخصياً. مش بس هيك، أهلي كمان! بابا مولود ببيروت (دائرة أولة) وماما كمان، حتى جدودي سكان بيروت. طيب، انا لي بنتخب بالجنوب؟ عشان شخطت حبر على ورق من طائفة ما اخترتها وعنوان ما بيعترف فييّ؟ 

طبعاً انا بعشق الجنوب وبعلبك (موطن قلبي)، بس بيروت تبقى هي الربيع على الضلوع.

Today in Absurd Government News; Sep7 #طلعت_ريحتكم #YouStink

September 7, 2015

It’s not secret that the government is prolonging it’s time, delaying, slacking and merging deals under the table. Chugging money into media to stain the protests, and creating false rumors about the organizers (yes they are organizers not cult leaders), in a flailing attempt to discourage people from joining.

One common rumor is the protests are pro-Hezbollah & funded by the American embassy. Take a moment to soak that in.

On the other hand, the self-extended ministers continue are desperately trying to get their next pay check and big corruption scheme together.

Mirna Chalouhi Highway, Sep 1 by @ritakml

Trash Burning @ Mirna Chalouhi Highway, Sep 1 by @ritakml

Today, Sep 7:

  1. N. Berri met with the American ambassador (who is rumored to be funding the movement by March 8 alliance) [link AR]
  2. N. Machnouk met with the Kuwaiti Ambassador [link AR]
  3. Geagea met with the Qatari Prince [link AR]
  4. F. Sanioura also met with the Qatari Ambassador [link AR]
  5. Kataeb Party (led by Gemayel) visit the Progressive Socialist Party (led by Jumblatt) (suddenly we’re all friends, cheers) [link AR]
  6. M. Aoun met with the Dutch ambassador [link AR]

All that in a day’s work… I dunno who is being funded by foreign interest and corruption more than the Lebanese government.

Jal El Dib Trash Piles on the side of the road; by Ghassan Hachem


Sad Al Bouchrie protest against random dump sites popping up by unregulated dumping of trash everywhere [link – AR]

Trash Treatment committee – The proposed dump sites shared by some media stations, may not be entirely true. [link – AR] | 1. yes they are still talking about dump sites, not recycling solutions | 2. “might not be entirely true” but good be, we will not tell you, it all depends on how bad you react to it! #fail

There seems to be a plan to split Mount Lebanon into two Governorates? Ofcourse this was the last sentence of a rambling article.. aka, slid in for discretion!

In other news:
Food strike continues in front of the Ministry of Environment, with strikers health deteriorating at varying ranges. Lebanese Security Forces even had the nerve to ridicule the strikers and arrest two of them for a couple of hours each amidst their strike.

The minister of environment says he’s ready to face trial if needed, I applaud his courage, but we all know that the parliament would not allow for that. And the “Organization for Protection of Beirut’s Rights” (14 March Alliance) have launched a legal committee to defend the Minister of Environment in case he’s on trial. Their statement emphasized that the lawyers from all sects, region and are decent men for some reason.

The Open Dumpster of the Parliament receiving it's daily trash dose (all recyclable, odor-free)

The Open Dumpster of the Parliament receiving its daily trash dose (all recyclable, odor-free)

Tomorrow; Sep 8
5:30 PM Press Conference for Kataeb Party, Saifi
6:00 PM Protest in front of the EDL – Electricite Du Liban, Mar Mikhael
6:00 PM Open discussion in Riad Al Solh
7:00 PM Daily Open Trash Dumping at the Parliamentary dumpster.

Wednesday; Sep 9
10:00 AM Protest at Riad Al Solh at the time of the parliamentary session regarding the “trash crisis” and country’s dismal state
6:00 PM Protest at Riad Al Solh
Join us in Brussels & Paris

Hunger Strike #طلعت_ريحتكم #YouStink

September 4, 2015

Within less than 24 hours 11 citizens have joined a hunger-strike until the Environment Minister resigns from his role (since he has resigned from the trash committee, a critical and very politicized crisis).

The names of the protesters on hunger strike are:

  1. Mohamad Harake –  محمد حركة
  2. Salah Jubaily –  صلاح جبيلي
  3. Ahmad Al Masri –  أحمد المصري
  4. Ali Hamouch – علي حموش
  5. Hussein Mubarak – حسين مبارك
  6. Waref Suleiman (Initiator of the strike) – وارف سليمان
  7. Mohamad Awaly – محمد عوالي
  8. Dany Suleiman –  داني سليمان
  9. Ahmad Majzoub –  أحمد مجذوب
  10. Zein Nasserdinne – زين ناصر الدين
  11. Hasan Koteich –  حسن قطيش
  12. Inaya – عناية
  13. Bilal Alawa – بلال علاو
  14. Mohamad Mogharbel – محمد مغربل

Photo Source & Credit أخبار الساحة

Photo Credit: Roy Dib


On another note, the strong of hashtags is getting crazy. …. #بدنا_نحاسب #طلعت_ريحتكم

And don’t miss: #اتيكيت_التظاهرات on twitter


It’s a stinky world out there #YouStink ‫#‏طلعت_ريحتكم

August 27, 2015

Update: Washington protest announced 

Update: Brussels protest announced

لا ليل يكفينا لنحلم مرتين No night is sufficient for us to dream twice

لا ليل يكفينا لنحلم مرتين – No night is sufficient for us to dream twice

This Saturday, be many, be everyone, be free, be your sect, be your region, but above all, be Lebanese. Given that the Lebanese diaspora is folds that of the it’s residing citizens, it’s your turn to raise your voice; register your names to vote at your nearest consulates and embassies, no trip is too far to make a real difference! We want your voice in the streets, but your electoral votes will rock the boat further.

Join – London – New York – MontrealParis – our join us online #YouStink ‫#‏طلعت_ريحتكم

Sign the petition for Nohad Machnouk’s resignation
Sign the petition for the government’s resignation
Fund the protest


Day 5; Under Arrest #طلعت_ريحتكم #YouStink

August 26, 2015

[Update] 6:55PM

Detainees being released from AlHelou Police Station


A total of 43 brutal arrests happened last night. 3 were released at 1AM due to their critical conditions (and after hours of debates), while the police refuses to release the names of the rest.

Names of the those arrested at Zoukak Al Blat Police station [Source]

  1. Shady Abbas (1986)
  2. Hussein Fakih (1997) – 18yrs
  3. Rami Awwad (1995)
  4. Ziad Younes (1994)
  5. Sami Mousa (1983)
  6. Hasan Fakih (1998) – 17yrs
  7. Ahmad Shakir (1997) – 18 yrs
  8. Jihad Ghadir (2000) – 15 yrs < yes they arrested a 15 year old, and have not released him yet!
  9. Ghazi Al Baalbaki – (1999) – 16 yrs
  10. Abulaziz Al Barir – (1997) – 18 yrs
  11. Ali Mahmoud- (1997) – 18 yrs

Raouche Police Station

  1. Ali Yousef Assaf
  2. Mohammad Omar
  3. Mohammad Chamas

Al Sham Police Station

  1. Ali Jabbaq
  2. Ahmad Fahs
  3. Ayman Al Saho
  4. Mohamad Moussali
  5. Ali Halal
  6. Ayman Mroue (released)

These are only some, the rest we don’t know. No new releases have been done yet.


Arrested at the Investigation unit of the Lebanese Army’s intelligence

محمد غازي موسى – Mohammad Ghazi Moussa
بلال حلال  – Bilal Halal
عباس برو – Abbas Biro
مصطفى صفا – Moustafa Safa
علي حرفوش – Ali Harfouch


Day 4; Hidden Brutality #طلعت_ريحتكم #YouStink

August 26, 2015

It is now our routine to go down to Riad Al Solh everyday. It has become a forum. People come down (now with chairs and arguileh, an ice-cream truck is now part of the scene) sit, chant, chat, talk about life, revolution, the things they love about Lebanon and the things they want to fix. It’s the public space we only dreamed of.

I went down at 9, the numbers were dwindled, but people of all walks of life were there, it felt like multiple protests were happening at the same time. A super creative one with a drum and witty songs

A crazy one lightening the barbed wire on fire with trash they collected from across the street. Of which not a single one was over 16, actually they were under 140cm in height, no chest hair (90% where topless), no facial hair, they are so un-hit by puberty, they might as well be girls! Yet thinking this was a great idea. Many tried to stop them, but it was trickier than it seems. Actually if they ISF were to arrest them, it would have looked like a meme 😛


And a heavy debate-group huddled somewhere in between.

To me, it looked like life; the “intellectuals”, the “mad people” and the “life-of-the-party”, with quite a diverse audience just enjoying the outdoors and being present.

Yet, the media game has changed dramatically. Less coverage, since there’s no blood, more threats and more accountability accumulating to their tab. The @LebISF was even tweeting their “victories” of restrained behavior and rehearsed propaganda; ofcourse they didn’t tweet / mention the 15 (19) violent bloody and barbaric arrests:

The protests have taken an unexpected twist for the war-lords. Regardless of the violence upon the protestors. People are happy to go down every day, ready to be showered, gassed and beaten. Come to think of it they made us this way.

We have been immune to the humiliation of no electricity, water, infrastructure, no tax returns, medical support, jobs, security, laws, access to beaches, public spaces, improvements in schooling, support for agriculture, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. for soooo long, that some water and gas sounds like a breeze! If anything, they have prepped us really well for the battle!

هاني عضاضة انشر، انسخ، عمّم. الإعلام خائن، كونوا الإعلام البديل ...

3 of the guys arrested tonight are Ziad Younes, Ayman Mroue, Sami Moussa

Ayman Mroue being arrested with a bleeding head

Known names of arrested so far:
Ziad Younes, Ayman Mroue, Sami Moussa, Mohamad Al Mousalli

A little political background on today. In 24 hours the government erected a wall to separate protestors from the Serail and took down the wall. It also assigned garbage collection to companies in all districts, to later (did they not revise the proposals?!?!?!) retract that decision, quote “they are too expensive”.  The government re assigned Sukleen (who had stopped working as Beirut was assigned to Lavajet (and retracted), and Sukleen workers were doing a sit in wondering what their future would be!) to pick up Beirut’s trash and proposed Akar as an appropriate dump sight, in return for, 100,000$ to develop Akar over 3 years … aka the normal stuff the government should do, because that’s why we fucking pay taxes!

Akar is not a dumpster

Ofcourse the people are still flabbergasted by the level moronity in the government and it’s surprising ability to be on a bad-decision-streak for a full week! (can we get a Guinness record here somewhere).

This night is long from over, as protestors are standing infront of Beirut and Al7illo police stations trying to provide the arrested with lawyers and medical aid.